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Doona Car Seat & Pram

One product that we’re asked about all the time is the Doona pram. And no wonder. It’s a brilliant product, particularly for travelling or city-living. It’s essentially a car seat with built in wheels, so it can also be used as a pram. While this is exactly the sort of innovative, parent friendly product that we love, unfortunately we can’t offer it to our customers. Here’s why:

Car seats are not safe to rent or buy second-hand. 

When we get any item back after it’s been with a customer we will do a full damage check. However, with car seats the damage may be internal, and therefore it’s impossible to know if a car seat is safe unless you have a full picture of its history. If it’s been in an accident, its structural integrity will be compromised and it won’t offer the protection needed. 

As much as we’d like to offer the Doona Pram for rent, we can’t find a way around this issue that doesn’t compromise the safety of your kids, and it’s not a risk we’re willing to take (or would encourage you to take). This is the one instance where buying new beats the circular economy! 

If you'd like to purchase the Doona Car Seat & Pram you can do so here.