About Us

Baboodle is the new way to kit out your baby. We are the UK's first baby equipment subscription service, offering you access to the full kit and caboodle of the best products for you baby, on completely flexible terms!

Our mission is to make parenting easier. There is nothing more daunting (and financially draining) than a baby kit list. And nothing more frustrating than using almost none of it and realising you now have to either store it, or find the time to sell it.

Baboodle offers a better way. We make aspirational brands accessible and affordable, while making better use of the planet's resources by keeping products in use and out of landfills. 


It’s time the baby industry reduced its footprint on the planet. And the dent in our wallets.

  • Sustainable

    Reduce waste and carbon emissions by renting rather than buying.

  • 100% Flexibile

    The second you or your baby no longer needs an item just send it back. Onto the next thing!

  • Wallet-friendly

    In one year our average customer will rent £1450 worth of short-term use equipment for just £38pm!

  • Hassle-free

    Simply pick what you need and have it delivered straight to your door.

  • No more clutter

    No more finding a place for long outgrown items. Reclaim your storage space!

  • Premium brands

    We have chosen our items based on real-life parent feedback, and only stock the best of the best.

  • Cleanliness guaranteed

    Our cleaning and sterilisation process ensures your items are delivered spic and span.

  • Transparent pricing

    We are upfront about our fees - simply pay for delivery upfront and then a monthly subscription for as long as you use an item.

What's the story?

Hello 👋🏻 I'm Katie, first-time mum and Baboodle founder!

I set up Baboodle on my maternity leave after finding that I was spending huge amounts of time and money sourcing baby equipment that was either never used, or grown out of within a few weeks.

Buying new was expensive and unsustainable, and buying secondhand was unreliable and riddled with hidden costs (Facebook marketplace + Uber is a lethal combination).

Baboodle is the platform I was looking for.

My mission is to take away any unnecessary hassle, expense, or waste, while giving your baby the best of the best.

Keeping the circle going

All of our products are selected from premium brands to give your baby the best, and to ensure that they have the high quality demanded for a longer lifestyle. When a product no longer meets our strict rental standards, but is still in great working order, it will either be donated to Little Village or given a new lease of life by The Octopus Club.

Little Village do phenomenal work supporting families living in poverty across London. Their baby banks provide essential clothing and kit for babies and children under five.

The Octopus Club has revolutionised buying and selling your second-hand baby kit, creating a wholesome and inclusive platform and saving you from Facebook Marketplace!

Learn more about Little Village
  • Artipoppe Carrier

    Regular price From £36
    Regular price Sale price From £36
    Argus Oat Artipoppe Carrier for rental at baboodle for just £25 per month
  • Baby Gym

    Regular price From £11
    Regular price Sale price From £11
    Baby Gym
  • Babybjorn Bouncer

    Regular price From £27
    Regular price Sale price From £27
    Babybjorn Bouncer
  • Babybjorn Mini Carrier

    Regular price From £12
    Regular price Sale price From £12
    Babybjorn Mini Carrier available to rent from Baboodle from just £9 per month.
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