What pram should you go for?

What pram should you go for?

Historically picking a pram was a minefield of trying to balance size (big but also small), weight (sturdy but also light), support (rigid but also easy to fold), and ultimately, a whole lot of compromise. Enter Baboodle. 

Baboodle's flexible subscription model makes it easy to swap, add or accessorise, so you can pick a pram to suit different ages, stages and events. Even so, here are some things you need to consider:

Travel capability

Are you travelling with your pram often? If so, ease of fold and a light(ish) pram are key. The Bugaboo Bee is a good one for car travel, and is light enough to hoist up and down steps if you're getting places by train / tube. If you're flying a lot you might want to go one step further and get a cabin-approved stroller such as the Babyzen Yoyo or the Silver Cross Jet.  


Are you city-based or countryside-based? Most modern prams have great suspension (great for daytime naps), but some are more accommodating on rougher ground than others. The Bugaboo Donkey 5 has foam filled wheels so can handle tough terrain. For a smaller but still robust option we like the Out N About Nipper. If you're a runner a specialised running pram such as the Thule Glide 2 Stroller is a must. 

Car seat compatibility

I have been saved on countless occassions by the ability to transfer my sleeping baby seamlessly from the car to the pram. Most prams offer car seat adaptors, but you'll need to check your car seat works with the pram. For an even more seamless option, check out the Doona (unfortunately not stocked at Baboodle as car seats are the one item you should always purchase new).

Size of house / car

As much as the Bugaboo Donkey ticks a lot of boxes, it quite literally doesn't fit through my front door. Where will your pram live while you're at home? Do you want a pram that is easily folded down to store (the Babyzen Yoyo wins on this front), or do you have a handy corner to squirrel it away in? 

Double compatibility

How far ahead are you thinking? Will you need pram to accommodate two kids? Do you need a seat and a bassinet or will a buggy board do? The Bugaboo Donkey is the best in the biz for a side-by-side option, whereas the Egg offers a slightly more compact double. The YOYO connect is a great alternative for a shorter-term add-on.

Need more help? Check out our helpful tools, where you can find an interactive guide to help you pick the best pram for you!