Top tips for visiting London with a baby

How to make visiting London with a baby as easy as possible?

While visiting a bustling city like London with a little one may seem daunting at first, with proper planning and some insider tips, your journey can be not just manageable but downright enjoyable.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about navigating London with your baby, from finding family-friendly accommodation to the essential baby equipment to bring. Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned globetrotter, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and resources to make the most of your time in this vibrant city while keeping your baby happy, safe, and entertained.

So, pack your bags, grab your baby gear, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the heart of London. Whether it's your baby's first trip abroad or a family vacation to remember, London awaits with open arms - and plenty of baby-friendly attractions in store.

Baby friendly Locations 

When choosing accommodation in London with a baby, consider factors such as proximity to family-friendly attractions and access to public transportation. Additionally, booking accommodation with flexible cancellation policies can provide peace of mind in case your plans change unexpectedly. Here’s a rundown of some of London’s most baby friendly neighbourhoods. 

Kensington: Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, Kensington is a great neighbourhood for families with babies. It's home to attractions like Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, perfect for leisurely strolls with a stroller. Additionally, you'll find a range of accommodation options here, from luxury hotels to serviced apartments.

Southbank: Situated along the Thames River, Southbank offers stunning views of iconic landmarks like the London Eye and the Tower Bridge. This area is ideal for families, with plenty of pedestrian-friendly pathways and attractions like the SEA LIFE London Aquarium and the London Dungeon. Many hotels in Southbank cater to families, offering amenities such as cribs and family rooms.

Covent Garden: Covent Garden is another excellent choice for families visiting London. Its central location makes it easy to access top attractions like the British Museum and the West End theatres. Covent Garden also boasts a lively atmosphere with street performers and bustling markets, providing entertainment for both parents and babies. Look for family-friendly hotels or vacation rentals in this area.

Marylebone: This upscale neighbourhood is known for its charming streets, boutique shops, and green spaces like Regent's Park. Marylebone offers a quieter alternative to the bustling city centre while still being within easy reach of major attractions. Family-friendly accommodation options in Marylebone include hotels with spacious rooms and amenities geared towards young children.

Kid and Family Friendly Hotels

Park Plaza's central London hotels offer a Family Getaway package with free meals for kids, goodie bags, and in-room entertainment. Family rooms feature pull-out beds, extra TVs, and kitchenettes. Enjoy indoor pools and easy access to top attractions like the London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

The Doubletree By Hilton London Kensington, a short stroll from the Natural History Museum, Science Museum, V&A Museum, and Harrods, features Family Rooms. Kids stay and eat free, complemented by a spacious 1-acre private garden for relaxation or play. The garden, fully covered year-round, offers cozy sofas, fire heaters, and blankets for chilly days.

The Montana Hotel, a charming 3-star gem nestled in Kensington, offers a clean, modern ambiance. Conveniently located near Gloucester Road Tube station, it's a short stroll from the Natural History Museum and V&A. Surrounded by shops and eateries, the hotel boasts cozy Quad/Family rooms with one double bed and two singles. Well-appointed with fridges, tea/coffee facilities, flat-screen TVs, and WIFI.

Baby equipment for visiting London

When travelling to London with a baby, it's essential to pack the right equipment to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience. Here's a list of baby gear you might need:

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Compact stroller: A lightweight, collapsible stroller is ideal for navigating London's streets and public transportation. Take a look at the Babyzen Yoyo, Bugaboo Butterfly, Joolz Aer or Silver Cross Jet as compact options that would be perfect for your trip. 

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Baby Carrier: A baby carrier allows for easier manoeuvrability, especially in crowded areas or places with stairs. You can rent the stylish Artipoppe, the Babybjorn or Ergobaby carriers from Baboodle. 

Travel Cot: If your accommodation doesn't provide a crib, consider bringing a portable travel crib or bassinet for your baby to sleep safely and comfortably. You can rent options such as the Micralite and Joie Kubbie for your trip.

Nappy Bag: Stock your diaper bag with essentials such as diapers, wipes, changing pads, diaper cream, and hand sanitizer. It's also helpful to have a few extra changes of clothes for your baby.

Feeding Supplies: Depending on your baby's age and feeding preferences, pack bottles, formula or breast milk, bibs, burp cloths, and baby food if your child has started solids. Don't forget utensils and a spill-proof snack cup for older babies.

Travel High Chair or Booster Seat: Many restaurants in London may not have high chairs available, so bringing a portable travel high chair or booster seat can be helpful during meal times. The Stokke Clikk is a great option here. 

Baby Blankets and Swaddles: Pack lightweight blankets or swaddles to keep your baby warm during outdoor strolls or while travelling in a stroller or carrier.

Baby Toiletries: Include baby-safe toiletries such as shampoo, body wash, lotion, and sunscreen suitable for your baby's delicate skin.

First Aid Kit: Although London has plenty of pharmacies, it may be worth carrying a small first aid kit with essentials like infant pain reliever, thermometer, bandages, and any medications your baby may need.

Entertainment and Comfort Items: Bring along toys, books, pacifiers, and comfort items like a favourite blanket or stuffed animal to keep your baby entertained and comforted during travel and downtime.

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Transportation tips:

Travelling around London with a baby requires careful planning to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Utilise London's extensive public transportation network, including buses and the Tube, which accommodate strollers and offer step-free access at many stations. You can tap on and tap on with any contactless card or Oyster card to access these stations. Consider using a baby carrier for added convenience in crowded areas or on stairs.

Opt for family-friendly transportation options like baby-friendly taxis or ride-sharing services for shorter journeys. London has a vast amount of Uber’s, Bolt’s and the famous black cab’s, so you’ll never be waiting for long.  Take advantage of baby changing facilities available in many public restrooms and parks, and always pack essentials like diapers, snacks, and a change of clothes.

Baby activities London: 

Visit Baby-Friendly Attractions: Explore attractions like the London Zoo, where babies can marvel at animals from around the world. The Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens offers a safe and fun environment for little ones to play.

Enjoy River Cruises: Take a gentle river cruise along the Thames, offering scenic views of iconic landmarks like the Tower Bridge and the London Eye. Many river cruise companies provide facilities for families with babies, including onboard restrooms and changing facilities.

Explore Indoor Play Centers: Visit indoor play centres like Gambado or Eddie Catz, which offer soft play areas, sensory play zones, and age-appropriate activities for babies and toddlers.

Attend a Baby Cinema London: Some Cinemas in London offer baby show’s specifically designed for parents with infants. These shows typically feature shorter running times, lower volume levels, and relaxed seating arrangements.

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Attend Baby-Friendly Classes and Events: Join baby-friendly classes and events held at local libraries, community centers, and cafes. These may include baby sensory classes, music sessions, and parent-and-baby yoga classes.

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Baby friendly rave: A slightly unique option when visiting London with your baby, but a fun option nonetheless. Ravertots host a number of baby and kid friendly events across London throughout the year. Babies under 18 months are free of charge and do not require a ticket.